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What is a smart office?

The smart office concept implies the provision of all standard business services for small and medium businesses. The practice of smart offices is a successful business model in the world that reduces costs on average and has a positive effect on business growth and development.

According to various international studies, small and medium-sized companies spend 50% – 70% of their resources on indirect business activities (office management, various professional services, marketing activities, etc.).

For more than three years now, the first smart office in Georgia has been offering a wide range of services to its customers.

A fully staffed office with staff and office infrastructure that will be tailored to the specific requirements of each company. Physical address, allocated workspace, meeting room, Co-Working Space, Office Manager, Personal Assistant, Accountant, Lawyer, Sigma is just a small part of the list of Sigma services. Through smart office, you can minimize business risks, reduce running costs, regulate corporate The environment and any business you need to get professional service.


For whom?

A company that works in a variety of business sectors can benefit from a smart office concept, but this service is mainly tailored to the following types of businesses:

– Small and medium-sized companies that do not have the resources or the need to finance full-time office and staff costs

– Seasonal and non-seasonal organizations that do not have a stable income

– Foreign companies that need a local team to do business

– Startups for which it is important to optimize costs and risks in the early stages of business development

Based on our many years of experience and local knowledge, we have created a new direction for resident and non-resident partners – a business incubator where you get the services you need once and for all. Our team actively helps clients find new partners and build long-term relationships with them. Sigma’s experienced team will help you in the following areas:

– Analysis of local and international markets and identification of potential partners

– Primary communication with potential partners

– Preparation of various corporate presentations and commercial offers

– Develop optimal partnership schemes

– Organizing video conferences and meetings

– Development of local and international tenders and retrieval / preparation of application documents

Sigma Group has been actively operating in the Georgian market since 2016. Our customers operate in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, retail and B2B sales, construction and service.

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